About Us

Simchas Yom Tov was founded over a decade ago by Askonim after they witnessed firsthand the suffering of our brethren in Israel. After contacting Rabbi Shmuel Dishon, they decided to create an organization that would help ease the hunger and suffering at the toughest times of the year. This small idea has blossomed into a strictly volunteer organization that has distributed millions of dollars to families in need across Israel, while eliminating the overhead to guarantee your money goes directly to the recipients.

Simchas Yom Tov is Making A Difference.

Last year, with Hashem’s help, Simchas Yom Tov distributed over $250,000 to Israeli families in Israel. In the most honorable manner, we distributed 2200 pounds of matzah, 1100 pounds of meat, 33000 pounds of chicken, 9700 bottles of wine and grape juice, 2235 bottles of cooking oil, and over 1000 new men’s suits.

This year we are looking for your help to double our distribution. The cost of living in Israel has risen sharply over the past few years; unfortunately so has the number of families in need. With your generous contribution we can do even more than buy food and clothing; we can give encouragement and hope to those in need. They can now relax and enjoy Yom Tov as the pre-Yom Tov worries have been eliminated. They are secure in knowing that there will be food on their table and money for next month’s mortgage payment.

We need your help!